Customize Your Runners

With QuikBlade, you can easily customize your runners to suit your skating style and the ice conditions.

Vary the Amount of Rocker

Rocker refers to the side profile curvature of the runner, and typically ranges from 7 to 13 feet. By changing the amount of rocker on your runners, you can change the way your skates perform.  The following are typical results that can be achieved by varying the amount of rocker on your skates:

To optimize for speed; the larger the radius of the runner, the less the runner digs into the ice allowing it to glide more easily and making it easier to skate fast. Blow past the defence with a 13’ rocker radius for the ultimate in speed.

To maximize skating control; runners with smaller radii give you more agility for tighter turns and maximum acceleration. You can really control the game with a 9’ rocker radius.

To improve your balance; get the ultimate in speed and control. Choose an 11’ rocker radius for the best of both worlds.

Vary Your Runner’s Hollow

Hollow is the profile of the actual grind of the edge. It is a diameter, typically measured in fractions of an inch. Optimize the hollow to adjust your performance on different types of ice.

Soft ice; go for a 5/8” hollow. (If you’re under 180 lbs, you might prefer the 1/2” hollow)

Hard ice; go for a 3/8” hollow.

In between; go for a 1/2” hollow.

Everyone is different. QuikBlade allows you to quickly and easily experiment with these variables and determine the runner configuration that works best for you.

You can also create a series of runners with different configurations and do back-to-back testing… something you definitely can’t do if you have to change conventional skates between tests.