QuikBlade has been developed for high performance, and to provide exceptional durability and convenience.

QuikBlade’s technology is protected in multiple jurisdictions by registered patents and pending patent applications, including Canadian Industrial Design number 132,112 and US Design Patent 631,120.

The Innovative Technology behind QuikBlade:

Quality Runners Result in Durable Edges

QuikBlade runners are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. They are stamped and machined to ensure accurate sizing, then surface-ground and polished to the specified thickness before being laser etched with QuikBlade identification.

Super Tough Molded Chassis

The chassis are molded in one piece from an extremely durable polypropylene. The design of the QuikBlade chassis has been optimized to ensure exceptional stiffness, unsurpassed reliability and light weight using sophisticated Finite Element Analysis techniques. The configuration of the triangular openings in the front and back of the chassis has been optimized to provide additional torsional stiffness. This helps to reduce the flex of the chassis under your feet, and translates into enhanced performance on the ice.

The QuikBlade chassis incorporates an industry standard mounting hole configuration, meaning that most skates can accept the QuikBlade system without additional drilling. Don’t worry if your skates have a different mounting pattern – most boots can be easily re-drilled to accommodate QuikBlade.

The chassis is assembled with permanent stainless steel rivets, so there are no nuts or bolts that may loosen and fall out.

Innovative Latching System

Each QuikBlade incorporates a unique rotational latching system that secures a runner when in use, but enables it to be changed quickly. QuikBlade also incorporates a unique QuikLock Toe that locks the runner to the chassis’ front rivet with a cam lock action, thus eliminating any clicking of the runner when walking to and from the ice.