The QuikBlade Edge

QuikBlade is a replaceable skate blade system that allows you to replace dull or damaged runners within seconds. QuikBlade technology has been developed to deliver high performance with exceptional durability and convenience.

Sharpened and Ready To Go

The technology enables you to pre-sharpen and store extra QuikBlade runners in your hockey bag for a quick change, any time.

Customize Your Runners to Suit Your Skating Style

QuikBlade’s easy runner replacement system allows you to try different rocker and hollow configurations to find one that gives you an edge over your competition.

With QuikBlade, finding the perfect edge is as easy as snapping in a new runner, done in seconds.

Always Have the Right Runners with You

Changing on the bench

QuikBlade’s interchangeable runners allow you to quickly adjust to different ice conditions and styles of play, giving you the ability to always skate at peak performance.

For those that frequently skate on abrasive outdoor rinks or use a skating treadmill, QuikBlade allows you to switch to a freshly sharpened set of runners on your way to the next big game. Simply pull the trigger to stay sharp.

Take Your Skate Sharpener with You, Even When You’re on the Road

You will never again have to settle for the local skate sharpener when you’re playing on the road. With QuikBlade you can carry extra runners with you, sharpened to your specifications.

Maintain Your Edge Over the Competition

The sharper the edge, the more control you have. QuikBlade runners are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, giving you outstanding durability for long-lasting performance.